The story so far...

How Roomscape Shutters was born

Our Story

A chance encounter

Roomscape came about through a chance conversation with a friend from South Manchester. Exhausted after a day’s landscaping – my other job – I was sounding off when my friend suggested I come over and help him fit some shutters and get a feel for them.

I agreed to dip my toe in...


...On our first fitting together we had neighbours coming over and wanting to know about the shutters – they were already getting envious attention. Over the following few weeks I got to understand the particular challenges of fitting shutters and I enjoyed the pleasure customers got from seeing their rooms transformed. And, unlike my other life, we were able to work through rain, sleet and snow.

I established Roomscape Shutters and set to work anticipating the arrival of these must-haves to homes in West Yorkshire.

I’ve shopped around for different suppliers to find the best deals on the various materials on the market. The styles are similar throughout most companies but material and colour differences can make a big impact visually and in terms of price.

I’ll walk you through the ranges and options and I look forward to seeing you giddily showing your neighbours around your new plantation shutters.

"I can't recommend Paul and Roomscape shutters enough. From first contact to installation everything has been spot on. It is a pleasure to have good quality service along with an excellent product.
I will definitely be a returning customer."



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